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Rated 5 out of 5 by Kevin Hall on 18th August 2019

We have been before and it's a lovely dog friendly site with all the basics you will need for your camping trip. Just stayed for a week and even though it was wet there is still loads to do and the site team are knowledgeable of the local area. Highly recommend

Rated 5 out of 5 by Claire Lyons on 8th August 2019

Peaceful and quite with all you need. Ensuite is a tad small but great to have own bathroom for the price. My daughter was taken very ill we were in and out of hospital. Order to help they let us stay in one of there statics for a few days. Staff are really friendly and site is really relaxed. Really enjoyed the stay

Rated 3 out of 5 by A Google User on 8th August 2019

Great campsite with many amenities including the Woodman Bar serving food n the campsite store. Staff extremely helpful, especially the head gardener, Pete n receptionist, Phil. Close to many beautiful dog friendly beaches in the most picturesque setting. Would definitely return!

Rated 2 out of 5 by Ms. C on 22nd September 2019

Not at all like it used to be with the original owners, has a completely different vibe now like it is trying to be more like a high-end campsite but it’s not. The caravans are nice with the double glazing and heating, unlike the old ones but the stair rails are on the wrong side. Noticed the back biggest room feels damp at times, and clothes feeling damp in the wardrobe but the heating can fix that, however it shouldn’t be happening with the double glazing. There’s a pub/restaurant on the site and the food would be much nicer if it came out hot. Not much else to say, it was ok for someone to sleep but won’t be staying again, glad we only stayed for a week.

Rated 2 out of 5 by paul Collett on 27th July 2019

Nice site that was very quite. It's not a CC site, and you can tell the difference. It's a lot less restricted and the site has quirky layout. It even has an app! Pitches are a bit uneven in upper meadow, but it's so peaceful, it's worth it. The big flaw is the showers. They were almost always cold. I had a 'warm' shower on one occasion over the 7days. My wife had none. When we asked about them, we were told they should be fine and someone would take a look. Turns out, this is regular issue that they are aware of. It's a real disappointment that they felt the need to cover this fact up. A simple apology would do and redirect us to lower shower block that was working. This made our stay less pleasurable and the cold showers became a running joke between us.Great location to explore Devon and Cornwall as it sits on the boarder of the 2. The site is really dog friendly and it seems that most of people at the site had a dog.It was a shame about the showers and the way the staff tried to cover this up. Other wise, it was a good site.

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Hedley Wood Caravan Park
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Weather Forecast

Make sure you're prepared for your holiday at Hedley Wood Caravan Park in Holsworthy, whatever the weather, by checking out the weather forecast for Hedley Wood Caravan Park (observations for Marhamchurch).

Temp. Rainfall Wind Clouds Pressure Humidity
Today snow Snow 4°C - 7°C 9.00mm 29mph NNW 99% 1,003mb 71%
Tomorrow light snow Light Snow 4°C - 6°C 3.32mm 23mph NNW 40% 1,012mb 58%
Thursday light rain Light Rain 4°C - 6°C 1.31mm 18mph NNW 97% 1,007mb 76%
Friday heavy intensity rain Heavy Intensity Rain 5°C - 10°C 16.44mm 26mph NNW 100% 1,000mb 95%
Saturday snow Snow 5°C - 6°C 7.63mm 33mph NNW 100% 992mb 60%
Sunday moderate rain Moderate Rain 6°C - 7°C 4.33mm 22mph NNW 93% 1,003mb 66%
Monday light rain Light Rain 6°C - 9°C 1.25mm 16mph NNW 100% 1,001mb 75%