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Rated 5 out of 5 by Mohammed Alam on 15th October 2019

Helpful and friendly staff, good amount of activities, lots to do in the area. Great value for £££. We stayed in one of the prestige caravan. It had loads of room was great for my 4 year old and the arcade that have has great entertainment pieces. ( Special mention two gentlemen Tom and I can't remember name of the other tall bold gentleman) was super super helpful The food in the restaurant was standard pub food but good value. The pool was clean and well kept.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Katie Vanputten on 8th November 2019

Had such a lovely stay here. Park was clean very well looked after. Staff were friendly and accommodating. Entertainment was fab my toddler loved it. Acconadation was lovely bright clean and modern. Perfect location for a little family break. My only negative was the food was expensive for what you get and not always very fresh had to take a few meals back but the staff dealt with this very well. Would definitely come back here.

Rated 5 out of 5 by MsAnn MsAnn on 24th September 2019

A lovely place. Got a very good welcome. Just a shame the weather was not good. We are only here for four nights. Our mobile home was in excellent condition, & so clean. A lovely peaceful & calming environment. Will definitely come back again

Rated 5 out of 5 by Andrew Cant on 25th July 2019

Loads of family fun to be had from this British holiday resort. The staff are all very friendly and offer lots of activities throughout the day and evening. 24 hour security ensures that the family feel stays to make sure everyone has a great time. The local restaurant is basic but reasonably priced. The amusement arcade is a popular location for kids and big kids alike. The general store is stocked with all the essentials, despite being a little pricey. The pool is very nice but basic. The park is right on the beach so is only a few steps away from any of the caravans. All in all a great family holiday for a reasonable price.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Nathan Iley on 4th August 2019

Great family holiday park. Lots of things to do for the whole family - different sports on offer, pool and other activities around. Beach is very close by so it's the perfect location when the weather is good. Nice large open bar area to chill out on an evening as well. Nice spot for a good family break.

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(Haven) Caister-on-Sea Holiday Park
Ormesby Rd
Great Yarmouth NR30 5NQ

Weather Forecast

Make sure you're prepared for your holiday at (Haven) Caister-on-Sea Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth, whatever the weather, by checking out the weather forecast for (Haven) Caister-on-Sea Holiday Park (observations for Caister-on-Sea).

Temp. Rainfall Wind Clouds Pressure Humidity
Today moderate rain Moderate Rain 5°C - 12°C 5.95mm 25mph NNW 100% 1,004mb 89%
Tomorrow snow Snow 1°C - 7°C 2.82mm 18mph NNW 33% 999mb 68%
Wednesday light rain Light Rain 1°C - 6°C 0.38mm 18mph NNW 6% 1,003mb 68%
Thursday light snow Light Snow 2°C - 4°C 3.45mm 11mph NNW 100% 996mb 97%
Friday overcast clouds Overcast Clouds 0°C - 6°C 0.00mm 12mph NNW 100% 1,006mb 74%
Saturday light rain Light Rain 2°C - 6°C 2.06mm 22mph NNW 20% 989mb 57%
Sunday light rain Light Rain 2°C - 5°C 0.38mm 22mph NNW 63% 1,002mb 56%