If you thought Sunday was a scorcher, stand by for today’s Bank Holiday heatwave. The May 2018 Bank Holiday weekend could be one of the hottest since records began and will see temperatures higher than even those of Mexico.

Temperatures could hit 29 degrees Celsius (84.2 Fahrenheit) as the three-day weekend enjoys 15 hours of wall-to-wall sunshine, according to the Met Office. That means parts of Britain will be hotter than both Mexico City (23 degrees Celsius) and Honolulu in Hawaii (26 degrees Celsius).

However, Britons are being advised to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, as, typically, it is forecast to break down with rain and thunderstorms on their way by the end of the coming week. Thousands of sun seekers have flocked to the beaches of Britain while many local shops and supermarkets have reported record sales of BBQ supplies.

It has not even been two months since we were talking about “The Beast from the East”, and yet we are now talking about the “Roast from Russia”, which is causing the Bank Holiday heatwave: the hot air is arriving from southern Russia.

The hot weather is due to reach all corners of the United Kingdom, with the South East, East Anglia and the East Midlands due to feel the hottest, while Scotland and Northern Ireland will be slightly cooler.