Picture courtesy of The Westmorland Gazette

Hundreds of native species of trees have been planted this spring in the grounds of Silverdale Holiday Park, part of the Holgates group of holiday parks, near Morecambe Bay in Cumbria, thanks to the careful planning of a conservation projected aided by the park staff.

It is estimated that the newly planted trees will provide approximately half a million years worth of tree life, providing homes, food and breeding habitats for a wide range of wildlife for many years to come.

But this isn’t the first conservation project the park has carried out. Last year, Silverdale holiday park (along with only 15 others from around Britain) was awarded a special honour from Professor Bellamy in his annual conservation and biodiversity awards, celebrating over eight miles of new hedgerows planted in 2017 to create a wildlife corridor: an essential habitat for all sorts of wildlife including dormice, hedgehogs, butterflies, birds and bees.

Mr. Michael Holgate, owner of the holiday park, said this new tree planting project is their most exciting initiative yet. He said this project required very careful planning to ensure the best survival of the saplings. Care was needed to ensure the species were able to tolerate the strong winds from the coast, laden with salt. They are hoping to provide homes and food sources for the rare red squirrel with the support of local nature groups.

The trees will not only help to support a wide range of wildlife but it will also help prevent soil and coastal erosion, store carbon and reduce the amount of polluting chemicals which may run off nearby farm land.

“Best of all, the trees simply look lovely. I know many of our staff are proud of playing their part in creating a landscape for future generations to enjoy.”

To find out more about Holgates Silverdale Holiday Park, and to read more about this exciting project, please visit their website. The gallery photo is courtesy of The Westmorland Gazette.